Purchase Process


Decide which Coco Property

a) Decide which Coco Property you wish to purchase from our members area property list. b) Consultation with Mark Rogers the director to assess your needs and to answer any questions relating to the whole investment property portfolio information, and process. c) Decide which structure you wish to purchase your property under (personal name or company) d) Make sure you have a pre-approval of finance to proceed and had legal or professional advice.


Letter of Offer to Purchase

a) Download the “Letter of Offer to Purchase” within the detailed property area. Fill this form out, and it is to include all particulars for us to process this for you. b) The fee of $5000 to be paid to Coco Property’s nominated account and receipt of payment sent through to us or by your professional adviser/introducer. Note: This amount forms part of your purchase. c) Land Contract will be dispatched within 3 to 4 days to your solicitor/conveyancer for land to exchange. 5% Deposit will be required for your land. d) Coco will organize to prepare your Tender & Building Agreement for your property. e) Building Contract appointment will be within approx. 14 days. e) 10% deposit of building contract shall be paid at your building contract appointment.


Color Selection

a) Color selection choice to be made (an advantage of Coco is that if you so desire to have an specific home upgrades to the cosmetic, we shall allow you to enjoy upgrading your property at a cost to you). b) Prepare additional Documentation including (but not limited to) Engineering Plans, BASIX Report, Acoustics, Landscaping Plan & Stormwater Plans (as required/subject to land registration.) c) Lodge to Council or Certifier for Approval d) Receive Council or Certifier Approval e) Once above is complete, you shall be requested to provide us with your Formal Loan Approval & Authority to Commence Construction.


Approval of Construction & Handover

a) We have Approval! Construction Commences b) Receive Progress Updates from your Construction Supervisor c) Handover of your new Coco Investment Property – Keys, Instruction Manuals, Certificates & Warranties. Start enjoying the property investment journey!