Rick M

Mark’s role involved Qualified Nominated Supervisor, supervising the construction of all types of residential structures in accordance with the approved engineered designs; supervising and scheduling staff onsite; ensuring workplace health and safety practices are conformed to; and generally overseeing the quality of the workmanship. Mark has proven to be an excellent Supervisor/Project Manager during construction, delivering above standards required to obtain all the necessary stage certifications. I would recommend Mark to any prospective client!

James K

“After my first chat with Mark I knew he was genuinely passionate and interested in helping his clients achieve their property goals. From finding me a great investment opportunity to helping with urgent finance, Mark was an exceptional help/mentor who was always available to give great advice and steer me in the right direction with the financier. Very glad to have met him and cannot recommend enough.”

Thanks again Mark, I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future!

Rob R

Mark is a wealth of knowledge from his long term experience in the investment and also a big bonus as he is a qualified building consultant. I have personally invested with Mark, and I consider him to be a very knowledgeable adviser in structure and also strategies for investment property purchasing. I recommend him very highly. Thanks Mark

Patma K

“I cannot believe there is not more Mark’s like this in Australia. With his knowledge and advice on certain aspects of this large tract of land, allowed us to make certain decisions on a development we purchased with our accountant and partners, which in turn generated a large profit, and is still ongoing”! Appreciate all your help Mark, Thank you. Patma