10 Facts of Investing as a Professional

Here are 10 Facts that you should understand, or at least know as a "professional" in property investment.

90% of investors from statistics purchase their first investment property within a 10km radius from their own home.... click below why
The reason being... we make emotional decisions on purchasing in lieu of analysis whereby there are over 500 suburbs to invest in in Australia... there are a lot of markets growing where other areas are declining. How many of you show your friends, or drive past your investment property anyway after owning it for a few years ? so why not look outside the box or areas that have potential...
have you calculated the % of expenses of your total income coming in on your asset.... check below
Anymore than 20% of your income is going to expenses then you should carefully consider moving that asset on.... work it out :) then be in touch...
If you didnt know, we can show you how you can use your own home to buy an investment property that generates you excess cashflow without paying an extra tax ! read below
DEPRECIATION..... does your asset allow you to deduct off your tax over $21,000 per year .... if not call and we can help generate you excess income on a sohpictacted residential property investment. Receiving tax benefits and a tax refund (subject to accountant advice)!. If you are blind at this or would like to learn more, please contact Mark and he will show you and explain further. Most investors have a thought process that investment properties cost you each month out of your pocket...so true if you don't purchase the correct cashflow producing asset. Your dead equity (value above your loan) sitting in your own home is wasting time doing nothing, when it could actually subject to advice, generate you + $200 per week after costs to put towards your home loan or living expenses.... That is approx $300 per week as per normal earnings before tax !. There is a lot more to show you... (oh, and we also forgot to mention that your asset grow over time helping contribute your retirement... what a great benefit :)
The quality and look of your investment needs to attract, and NOT REPEL tenants as it is YOUR income. !
Most investors look at building cheap nasty looking properties.... Wrong, big mistake.... call me to understand what i do to always attract the perfect paying less risk tenant
Have you worked out your return % on your deposit/equity injected into your investment property.... read below
You will be astounded..... not many investors achieve our criteria which needs to have at least 10% return per annum return on your deposit equity.... so with that in mind alone, if you receive capital growth which we know is always there as Australia is 7% per annum long term your on a big winner... cash flow plus growth! most only achieve one of these variables.
Did you know the actual capital growth of a residential property within the Sydney area over the last 30 years
It has been approx. 7% per annum for the last 40 years? The capital gain over the past 25 years equates to an annual growth rate of 6.8% for houses and 5.9% for units Source: Corelogic
Do you know the method/structure of purchasing to halve the stamp duty paid on your investment property purchase?
Call Mark at Coco to organise a meeting to discuss....
Most investors do not understand how "Division 43 tax deduction" works and the claimable items to reduce your tax immensely. Buying the right asset, you can be cash flow positive earning $$$ per week and no extra tax paid on this earnings... click the plus button to find out how
Mark will show you how you can earn extra income, thus paying no tax on this extra monthly income which adds to your net income to borrow for more assets.. This need financial advice to confirm your situation of income/ per annum salary, however mark will show you clear examples and explain how this works. As a professional Mark grows his portfolio, and income without having the need to pay more tax... (all subject to financial advice from your accountant based on your income situation)
Property Investment is about the fundamentals of an asset, its location, area and infrastructure planned.
The right asset for the right area ! after considering this from detailed research of all the market wants and needs... and facts !
If a property doesn’t generate YOU cash flow above all costs, it will certainly halt you from growing your property portfolio, as your ongoing net cash flow inhibits you from borrowing more funds against further assets to purchase...
An investment is a Liability if it takes money out of your pocket and doesn't put excess money in your pocket! if it adds to your income then its an Asset !
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