Delivery Process

How we work to deliver your New Investment Property


Purchase Stage

After the Investment education process, and up you deciding to secure one of our sophisticated packaged properties. Once secured, land exchanged and Building contract signed, we will organise you to have your finance formal approval in place before land settlement for the next phase.. Pre-Construction.


Pre-Construction Stage

This is when we will be working to lodge your plans and specifications for approval. Simply put, it involves undertaking surveying / planning approvals, working drawings, site reports and Colour & Selections ready for your build !


Construction Stage

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel now! The Construction stage is the final step of the Coco Delivery Process for your home. As the name suggests, it is where we actually begin the physical construction of your property.


Handover, Rental & Warranty Stage

Your property is now complete ! 1. Handover from building supervisor from practical completion. 2. Coco will refer you to the preferred professional local agent to start procuring tenants for you. 3. The building warranty of 6 years statutory requirement will be explained. 4. Your Coco Property is now complete and we hope you enjoy the future of what this may bring !