Property is more than our profession – It is our passion !

Welcome to Coco Property – where investment dreams become prosperous realities. Our legacy is rooted in family values, and our founder, Mark, has woven his expertise into every facet of our distinctive business. At Coco Property, we don’t just provide a service; we cultivate financial wisdom and open doors to lucrative opportunities for aspiring investors.

Mark, a seasoned visionary with over three decades of industry prowess, isn’t just a licensed and qualified building consultant – he’s a master of translating property potential into tangible success stories. His journey began as a humble apprentice carpenter in 1989, blossoming into a qualified builder adorned with specialized practical insights and serious investment experience over the past 2 decades. With all facets of detailed contract transactions exceeding $35 million, and a sizable holding portfolio, Mark’s proficiency transforms properties into goldmines.

Our mission extends beyond transactions; Mark is an educator, consultant, and partner in your investment voyage. By meticulously evaluating your portfolio, we unearth avenues to enhance cashflow and elevate net equity returns. In the realm of sophisticated investment properties, our acumen shines as we identify and structure high-income residential assets that redefine possibilities.

Mark’s strategy hinges on reducing risk while amplifying rewards in the rental market. Through astute research and analysis, he shapes quality assets that mirror market demands. The heart of Coco Property lies in educating investors – a commitment fueled by Mark’s extensive industry network. This synergy ensures not only top-notch construction quality but also access to unparalleled insights for informed decisions.

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