Teamwork and Business Human Resources Concept

Julie A. Rogers


Executive Profile

An enthusiastic and comfortable person within herself in life. Julie has a wealth of attributes and is currently a 100% self-funded retiree from her property portfolio. From a practising numerologist part time which she enjoys, also when requested, to a mother and grandmother. She is well versed in property investment, as Julie has built a solid portfolio of residential and commercial assets over time. Julie enjoys and also managers most of these herself with Mark’s help when required on technical issues. They say that “life experiences” benefits people in many ways, and Julie has certainly earned a wealth of wisdom in a small lifetime. A director in many businesses previously, to enjoying her retirement from her asset income, to helping the family in many ways.


Coco Profile

  • Julie is currently a Director of Coco and provides assistance where needed. She makes decisions in the back end on certain property trusts where it involves increasing the holding assets of the portfolio, to further tasks where Mark needs assistance in research, also gathering certain information and due diligence required.


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